Patch22 Amsterdam: from plan to construction

Sometimes you have to take a bold step to get out of the atmosphere of dubbing and shudder. This was done by the young architect Tom Frantzen, who, as a project developer, is lifting the first patchwork timber project Patch22 in Amsterdam 30 m off the ground. Part 10a in the series on timber building.

Patch22 arose in 2009 from the need to do things differently, says Frantzen. That was necessary at the start of the building crisis, as well as the turning point to widen the architect’s working area by self-defusing projects. That made him one of the first daredevils. Together with construction manager Claus Oussoren, he developed Patch22 within Lemniskade BV, or – lovingly after the available lot – “Lapje grond 22”.

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