The projects of Lemniskade Projects often appear in the media. For those interested, students and journalists, we have made a variety of documents available for download. They include a press folder, various press releases, photos and visualisations of our projects and drawings that can be downloaded. We believe in sharing knowledge to make the building industry more sustainable, so feel free to study the material provided, but please ask for permission to use it otherwise.

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Audio tour

GeoTourist has developed  an audio tour of innovative residential buildings in Amsterdam that are designed with a high ambition regarding sustainability and the social impact of architecture. Patch22 is part of the tour. More info and audio tour download



This short video shows the most important sustainable solutions that have been incorporated in Top-Up: Top-Up, a sustainable “Open” building in Amsterdam

timelapse of building floor in 4 days: Top-Up: 1 floor every 4 days