The Amsterdam Green architecture guide 2000-2025

What are the greenest buildings in Amsterdam? Arcam figured it out and made ‘The Green Architecture Guide of Amsterdam 2000-2025’. What makes these buildings energy efficient, climate-proof and circular?

The guide lists the greenest buildings from 2000 to 2025, with trendsetters, green private initiatives, the top 25 greenest buildings from 2018 to 2022 and future icons. Our Patch22 and Top-Up projects can be found in the guide as trendsetters.
The included projects are classified by measurable terms, such as energy performance (EPC/BENG) and circularity (MAT1 and MPG), and by a qualitative indication of nature inclusivity and climate adaptivity.

The guide shows how the city is literally and figuratively greening. The numerical approach makes the projects comparable. The selection provides ample cause for discussion. What is green? How can we best measure that? What is the effect of green criteria in tender policy? And are the greenest buildings also the best?

Buy this guide¬†on Arcams’ website.

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